Elwood Haynes commemorative plaque

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Elwood Haynes commemorative plaque

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Title: Elwood Haynes commemorative plaque
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"In commemoration of Elwood Haynes of Kokomo, Indiana, inventor, designer, and builder of America's first mechanically successful automobile, in the year eighteen hundred and ninety three. This tablet marks the road and starting place where Elwood Haynes, on July 4, 1894, seated in America's first car, made the initial run. Here, too, was the birthplace of a new era of transportation; the nucleus and beginning of the now gigantic automobile industry. 1893-4"


Historical monument dedicated by Indiana Historical Commission and the Hoosier State Automobile Association, July 4, 1922, Pumpkinville Pike, Kokomo, Indiana. More than 7,000 people from all parts of the country attended. The world's leading scientists, inventors, and business and professional men were present for the dedication. The unveiling was done by Mrs. John Edward Moore, past president of the Indiana Federation of Women's Clubs.