It's a race, feller!

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It's a race, feller!

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Item No: arcr00001
Title: It's a race, feller!
Creation Date: 10/10/1936
Media Type: Photographic Prints
Source: Automobile Reference Collection

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"No Passengers" - It's a Race "Feller"!

Westbury, L.I....During the running of the old timers race on the new Roosevelt Raceway, here, today (Oct. 10), Owner Harold Schaus (passenger), and Driver Jim Florida, of this entry, received the slur-supreme, when a hitch hiker tried to bum a ride. He ....his thumb in vain however - Harold and Jim....

(some parts were omitted because they were unreadable)


235 East 45th Street, New York, N.Y.

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