Oil and Planes

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Item No: arcm00163
Title: Oil and Planes
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Source: Automobile Reference Collection

Colonel Lahm Bronte,  Supervisor Jack Spaulding. 

San Francisco turned out en masse to welcome the coming of the new Century Air Lines to the city. Left to right are Emory Bronte, aviation manager for Associate Oil Company; Colonel Lahm; O.R. Fuller, president of Century PAcific Lines, Ltd.; P.E. Allan, domestic sales manager for Associated Oil; Mayor Rossi; and Supervisor Jack Spaulding. Others present at the ceremonies were Charles E. Blalack and Lloyd Johnson of Johnson-Blalack, Inc., northern California Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg distributors. Auburns and Cords were the official cars for the occasion. Associated aviation gasoline and Harry Elliott Advertising Service Cycol motor oil will be used exclusively in the new tri-motored Stinson places. 

Recommended in trade for J. Conde. March/1972.