Bus Safety Expert

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Item No: arcc00072
Title: Bus Safety Expert
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Source: Automobile Reference Collection

Merwyn A. Kraft of New York City, nationally noted bus safety expert, demonstrated this new device to owners and managers of Pennsylvania bus lines during the 29th convention of the Pennsylvania Bus Assocation at Pocono Manor. Connected to the air brake system, the pendulum drops down and starts to swing before the driver's eyes when air pressure drops to a point of minimum safety. Kraft reported the device "probably saved the lives of more than 30 persons in a single vehicle in Ohio recently, when it warned the driver of impending brake failure as he neared a grade crossing when a train was approaching." The device costs only a few dollars, Kraft told the convention, and is easily installed in any bus. 

from Pennsylvania Bus Association, Telegraph Building, Harrisburg, PA.

Creator Name: Vincent April - Photographer