Buick's Max Trac-1971

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Item No: arcd00868
Title: Buick's Max Trac-1971
Production Year: 1971
Media Type: Photographic Prints
Source: Automobile Reference Collection

 For Use: In Connection with THE NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL AUTOMOBILE SHOW, The Coliseum, New York, April 3-11, 1971


An exclusive anti-wheel spin option introduced on Buick's 1971 Riviera and now available on all regular size models uses a small analog computer to provide optimum acceleration and greatly reduces the tendency to spin out under power when on slick and icy road surfaces. The computer receives inputs from front and rear wheel speed sensors and interrupts the ignition circuit anytime the rear wheel speed is a minimum of 10 per cent greater than the front wheel speed. MaxTrac works ideally with a positive traction axle by controlling the power effort going to the wheel with the most traction.