Checker - 1967 - Marathon Station Wagon

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Checker - 1967 - Marathon Station Wagon

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Title: Checker - 1967 - Marathon Station Wagon
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 Flat Floor Boosts, Wide Load Capacity

Flat, humpless floor and no rear wheel wells give the 1967 Checker MArathon station wagon an unusual capacity for handling large, wide loads. Less than 200'' long, the Checker provides 93 cu. ft. of cargo area between the rear of the front seat and the closed rear tailgate. And the tailgate is extra-wide and deck level for extraordinary ease in loading and unloading. Excellent roadability results from the 120'' wheelbase and wide track design. Standard engine is an economical, yet lively, 6-cylinder model offering 140 h.p. Two optional, extra-cost V-8's are available for higher performance. One, a 283 cu. in. model, develops 195 h.p. on regular gas. The 327 cu. in. power plant turns out 250 h.p. List price of the 1967 Checker Marathon station wagon i $3,075.03 f.o.b. Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Creation Year: 1967