Checker - 1968 - Mararthon 4-door Sedan

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Checker - 1968 - Mararthon 4-door Sedan

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Title: Checker - 1968 - Mararthon 4-door Sedan
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 From: Herbert Baker Advertising, Inc. 919 North Michigan Avenue. Chicago, Illinois 60611

For: Checker Motors Corporation.2142 Pitcher Street. Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

Checker Introduces New Passenger Car

Change for the mere sake of change is not the policy of Checker Motors Corporation. In introducing the new Checker Marathon, the Kalamazoo, Michigan automotive manufacturer continues the basic styling which has identified this increasingly popular car since its inception. Howeve,r increased visibility in both front and rear and new interior fabrics and colors set the latest model apart from previous models. Built on a 120'' wheelbase, the Checker is less than 17 feet long, yet interior spaciousness is 30% greater than the average 4-door sedan. With its 2 optional foldaway rear sears, the Marathon seats eight adults in comfort. The Checker MArathon station wagon, with the same wheelbase and over-all length, offers 93 cu. ft. of usable cargo space, and the absence of the floor hump and rear wheel wells makes it ideal for wide loads. The standard 4-door sedan carries a list orice of $3,220.50, f.o.b., Kalamazoo, Michigan. The staiton wagon is priced at $3,490. 76.

Creation Year: 1968