Ford With Bubble Top - 1946

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Ford With Bubble Top - 1946

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Title: Ford With Bubble Top - 1946
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Source: Automobile Reference Collection
Notes: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Mich. Los Angeles: "Glass" tops for convertibles similar to the "blisters" and "bubbles" made by the same company for war planes, have been introduced in Los Angeles. The tope fasten at the same points as regular canvas tops, and are easily removed for storage in the family garage. Although colorless at this time, a choice of "tints" is planned for the future. The tops are said to be easy to clean, and that scratches on the surface of the quarter-inch plexiglass can be removed by polishing with auto polish or wax. Made by Fabriform Corp., of Bayseville, Ohio, they are being distributed by a local Ford agency. Shown heer is a convertible equipped with a 'full view' top are: Wilda Eggert (left) and Val Eckolt, in front seat; and Jim Dypuy (left) and Sally Hamblin, rear seta, all of the auto agency. 3/17/48
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