Jeep Family, Willys-Overland - 1948

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Jeep Family, Willys-Overland - 1948

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Title: Jeep Family, Willys-Overland - 1948
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Willys-Overland Motors, Toledo, Ohio

More than 300 of the nation’s leading industrialists saw this display of Willys-Overland Motors’ product line at the company’s second annual Institutional Day here today. The vehicles are all descendants of the world-famed Jeep, center. from left to right are the Jeep station wagon, fire engine, two-wheel drive truck, panel delivery truck, four-wheel drive truck, a new all-steel station wagon featuring a six-cylinder engine, passenger car interior and solid color finish, and a new, low-weight, convertible type passenger car. The latter two vehicles are scheduled for early 1948 production.