Streaming, Downloading, and Listening to Podcasts

It's never been easier to listen to Podcasts with your device of choice through Free Library's website, with both streaming and downloading options now available, directly from your web browser!

You can view all the latest podcasts that have been uploaded to our website as well as search through our extensive archive of past podcasts through our new Podcast portal. From here you can stream podcasts directly through your web browser with our new streamlined audio player or download the podcast and listen to it on your device at a later time.

You can also now listen to podcasts through our online catalog. Say you are searching for the latest release by an author and in your catalog search you notice that they had also recorded an Author Events podcast. Just click on the catalog link and once you are on the catalog records page, you can listen to or download that podcast directly from our catalog.

Additionally, we've added live streaming video content through our Livestream channel. Watch Author Events in real time or go back through our archive and watch previously recorded Author Events.