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SimplyAnalytics is mapping, analytics, and data visualization application that makes it easy to create interactive maps, charts, and reports using powerful demographic, business, and marketing data.

OneSource: D&B Business Browser Pro

Find company information and market research, including RMA and Datamonitor reports, in-depth company and executive profiles, and detailed financial information. Great for research on international and multinational companies.

Grants to Individuals Online

This database allows you to quickly search detailed descriptions of foundations that fund students, artists, researchers, and other individual grantseekers.

Gale Small Business Builder

Gale Small Business Builder offers a guided approach to business planning and helps aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced small business owners plan, start, or optimize a small business or nonprofit that's focused on long-term success.

Business Insights Essentials *

Thousands of detailed financial reports More than 2,500 custom business glossary terms 1,000 SWOT reports Over 17,400 company histories Over 460,000 detailed company profiles. More than 920 in-depth industry profiles More than…

Books & Authors *

Discover fiction and non-fiction books that match your interests! Books and Authors (powered by Gale's popular What Do I Read Next? series) is for readers from every level of reading proficiency and enables users to explore the endless…