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Biographies For Kids

Read biographies of famous and historical African Americans.

Barack Obama: The Making of an American President

Learn more about the life and achievement of President Obama.

African Americans Win the West

Pioneering African Americans of the Old West.

African Americans in the Cinema

Lights, Camera, Action! Dig into the world of Black filmmakers, actors and actresses.

Award-Winning African American Authors

Books by prize-winning writers.

African American Revolutionaries and Inventors from Philadelphia

Inspiring stories and historical perspective of African American Revolutionaries and Inventors from Philadelphia through the years.

African American Quilts

Discover the beauty of these treasures of American folk art.

African American Celebrations

Explore the rich cultural traditions that are an integral part of the African American experience.

African American Books for Early Readers

Books starring African Americans for Early Readers.

African American History

In celebration of Black History Month and African American History as a whole, explore our resources on African American history and culture including famous African Americans From Philadelphia, Poets and Poetry, Speculative Fiction,…