Anime and Manga

In Japanese, the word "anime" simply refers to all animation. Outside of Japan, the term "anime" refers specifically to Japanese animation. Anime comes in a wide variety of genres and encompasses both film and television animation. It can be aimed at children, teens, or adult audiences.  "Manga," on the other hand, refers to Japanese comics and graphic novels. Manga is read from right to left and is also typically (but not exclusively) published in black and white. Manga is usually published chapter-by-chapter, either in print magazines or digitally (or both!), and then collected in tankobon volumes, which you can find on our library shelves. There are a wide variety of manga genres, and manga can be aimed at audiences of all ages.  There is often an overlap in content and style between anime and manga. A popular manga series may be animated and turned into an anime; likewise, a popular anime may receive a manga adaptation. The Free Library of Philadelphia offers anime DVDs, manga (print and digital editions), and manga how-to-draw books. Some locations also offer anime watch parties and other similar programs. Talk to your local librarian about what’s new at your branch!

Anime and Manga


  • Anime Lyrics

    Readily searchable database of lyrics to anime theme music, soundtracks, and broader J-Pop releases. Cross-references titles in both Japanese and English and by performing artist. Lyrics can be viewed and printed in English, Kanji, and Romaji.
  • Anime News Network

    Great site for news and reviews of current and upcoming features, including a full media profile for manga, soundtracks, DVDs, and theatrical releases. Also includes news from broader Japanese pop media, blogs, a convention report, links to e-zines, and an anime and manga encyclopedia.
  • Rumic World

    Rumiko Takahashi has been called "The Princess of Manga," and this site celebrates her life and works in both manga and anime. Includes news, history, series overviews, and character profiles from such popular works as Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, and InuYasha, among others.
  • The Otaku

    Updated daily with news, fandom features, and a blog; free manga, art and wallpaper, an interactive art gallery for registered users, and loads of fun quizzes from favorite anime like, "What character are you?"

Manga - Single Volumes and Short Series by FLPTeens

Manga series can stretch for dozens and dozens and volumes, but these ones are short and easy to finish quickly.

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Manga - All the Big Hits (15 items)

These classic manga series have been popular for decades. Try these titles if you want to find out what all the hype is about!

Manga - New and Popular (37 items)

New hits and popular classics from a variety of genres.

Anime and Manga - Anime Mania (13 items)

The latest, greatest anime.

Anime and Manga - Anime Essentials (5 items)

Favorite anime and manga-related books and series.

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