Blanche A. Nixon/Cobbs Creek Library

Limited services available. Building is currently limited to staff.

Tuesday, August 4 – Message from Staff

Tuesday, August 4 – Message from Staff

Hello Eveyone,

The Staff at Nixon/Cobbs Creek Branch Library misses you very much. Thank you all for allowing us to serve your community. We'd like you to know that our BOOK DROP is now open 24/7. NO FINES. NO FEES.  Please note this box is for books, dvds and any other material that has been CHECKED OUT FROM THE LIBRARY ONLY!! Your returns are quarantined for safety for at least 10 days. You will see them removed from your account within a week's time. . We are available to answer calls regarding picking up books or general questions Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am to 4pm.

Please continue to check announcements for updates and stay safe.


5800 Cobbs Creek Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19143-3036
59th St. & Baltimore Ave.

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  • Book Drop
  • Material Pickup
  • Phone Reference
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Wed, September 30, 2020 12:00 P.M.

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Serving the Cobbs Creek community since 1925, the branch was renamed in 1990 to honor a local activist. Situated on a triangular lot where Cobbs Creek Parkway, Baltimore Avenue, and 58th Street converge, the branch has a tree-lined walkway in front.


Cobbs Creek was known as Karakung by the Lenni Lenape Indians and Mill Creek by Swedes in the late 1600's. It later became known as Cobbs Creek after an English settler. The neighborhood surrounding the Cobbs Creek Branch was part of land belonging to the Hoffman family since colonial days. The area became part of Blockley Township in the 1800's.

A village called Angora centered around several mills on Cobbs Creek located at the current intersection of 60th Street and Baltimore Avenue. The woods surrounding the village were known as Sherwood Forest. In the 1910's, the mills and woods were torn down to make way for houses.

Baltimore Avenue was used to transport food and supplies from the Schuylkill River wharfs to places west of the city. Around 1905, the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company started subway surface routes using the electric streetcar on Baltimore Avenue. Trolleys still travel this route today. Subway surface routes, as well as the completion of the Market Elevated in 1907, spurred residential construction in the Cobbs Creek neighborhood.

Funded by a grant from Andrew Carnegie, the Cobbs Creek Branch opened on December 30, 1925. The community contributed $10,000 toward a book fund. The building was renovated and refurbished in 1957.

In 1990, the branch library was renamed the Blanche A. Nixon/Cobbs Creek Branch in honor of Blanche Nixon, a local resident, community activist and library volunteer. Mrs. Nixon spearheaded beautification projects at the branch, including its garden and exterior mural.

The library was renovated in 1997 as part of the "Changing Lives" campaign, which refurbished branches and brought Internet service to every library.