Group Tour Request Form (10 people or more)

To request a tour reservation for a group of 10 or more participants, please complete this form. If you have a group of fewer than 10, please check the Parkway Central Library page for the public tour schedule. If you reserve a group tour and fewer than 10 arrive at the Library, your group will be asked to join a public tour. Please submit only one form for your group.

After you submit your request, Visitor Services staff will respond to you within two business days to discuss the schedule. Once the tour is reserved, you will receive a confirmation. If you are interested in other tour topics for your group, email your request to

Tour Information
Tour date must be at least two weeks prior but no more than three months in advance. (mm/dd/yyyy)
About Your Group
Note: All grade school groups must have one chaperone for every eight students. For school groups, please include all accompanying teachers, professors, chaperones, etc.
Contact Information