LEADING VOICES: Valerie Graves | Pressure Makes Diamonds: Becoming the Woman I Pretended to Be

Recorded Oct 19, 2016
Direct Download: 20161019-leading.mp3

In conversation with Tracey Matisak

One of Advertising Age’s industry-wide “100 Best and Brightest,” Valerie Graves is the nationally lionized creative director of such Fortune 500 accounts as Ford, AT&T, General Foods, and Pepsi. In a rise as improbable as it was meteoric, she broke barriers as the first black copywriter at a number of America’s top advertising firms. Her award-winning career continued with such varied and distinguished positions as chief creative officer at two other agencies, senior vice president of creative services at Motown Records, and creative consultant to Bill Clinton. Pressure Makes Diamonds maps Graves’ journey to success from her days as a teenage parent from a Michigan factory town.

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