China Miéville | October: The Story of the Russian Revolution

Recorded May 16, 2017
Direct Download: 20170516-chinami.mp3

Watch the video here.

In conversation with Joel Nichols, Data Strategy & Evaluation Administrator, Strategic Initiatives

Acclaimed for his “unparalleled inventiveness” (Chicago Tribune), China Miéville is the author of a score of fantasy novels, comics, novellas, short story collections, Marxist nonfiction, and essay collections. Associated with the “New Weird” writing movement, his books include This Census-Taker, Railsea, The City & The City, and Perdido Street Station. A contributor to The New York Times, The Guardian, Granta, and a founding editor of the quarterly Salvage, he has won the Hugo, World Fantasy, and Arthur C. Clarke awards. In October, Miéville plunges into the extraordinary 1917 political tumult that led to the creation of the world’s first socialist state.

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