Richard Vague | A Brief History of Doom: Two Hundred Years of Financial Crises

Recorded Oct 7, 2019
Direct Download: 20191007-richard.mp3

In conversation with Joe Torsella, State Treasurer for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Venture capitalist and longtime Philadelphia-area philanthropist Richard Vague serves on the Penn Medicine board, is Chairman of the University of Pennsylvania Press, and is the president of the Philadelphia Live Arts and Fringe Festival. He is the author of The Next Economic Disaster: Why It’s Coming and How to Avoid It, an examination of the role of public debt in financial crises. In his latest book, Vague employs insights gained through years spent in the banking industry and analysis of historical economic disasters spanning the last two centuries in order to illustrate how our current system can break the cycle of calamity.

Meelya Gordon Memorial Lecture

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