Kate Masur | Until Justice Be Done: America's First Civil Rights Movement, from the Revolution to Reconstruction

Recorded Mar 25, 2021
Direct Download: 20210325-katemas.mp3

Ellis Wachs Endowed Lecture

In conversation with Tracey Matisak, award-winning broadcaster and journalist

Kate Masur is the author of An Example for All the Land, a Lincoln Prize finalist that examined Washington, D.C.’s role as a 19th century laboratory for civil rights policy and justice. She is also the author of numerous academic articles and essays that focus on how Americans viewed race, abolition, and equality during this era. Praised by David W. Blight as a “masterpiece of scope, insight, and graceful writing,” Until Justice Be Done is a history of the fight against racist American laws and institutions—Southern and Northern—in the decades before the Civil War.

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