Andrew K. Diemer | Vigilance: The Life of William Still, Father of the Underground Railroad

Recorded Nov 3, 2022
Direct Download: 20221103-andrewk.mp3

Andrew K. Diemer is the author of The Politics of Black Citizenship: Free African Americans in the Mid-Atlantic Borderland, 1817–1863, an examination of the ways in which free Black Philadelphians and Baltimoreans fought to defend their liberty before and during the Civil War. A history professor at Towson University, his articles and reviews have been published in the Journal of Military History, Slavery and Abolition, The Journal of the Civil War, and the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, among other publications. Diemer’s latest book recounts the extraordinary life of William Still, a monumental but until-now relatively obscure Black abolitionist who devoted his life to conducting the crucial Philadelphia section of the Underground Railroad.   

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