Angela Saini | The Patriarchs: The Origins of Inequality

Recorded Mar 29, 2023
Direct Download: 20230329-angelas.mp3

Angela Saini is the author of Superior, an “easy-to-read blend of science reporting, cultural criticism, and personal reflection” (Slate) that explores the resurgence of the harmful and faulty study of race science. She is also the author of the critically acclaimed Inferior, a new portrait of women’s minds, bodies, and evolutionary roles gained through an investigation of how science has failed to accurately understand them. Her print and television science journalism have appeared on the BBC, The Guardian, New Scientist, and Wired, among other places. In The Patriarchs, Saini investigates the surprising origins and history of gendered oppression, offers a historical examination of the brittle and constantly reasserted nature of patriarchy, and analyzes contemporary research and revolutionary efforts to combat these systems of control.

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