Board of Directors

The mission of the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation is to advance literacy, guide learning, and inspire curiosity. Its vision is to build an enlightened community devoted to lifelong learning.

President and Director

  • Kelly Richards


  • D. Jeffry Benoliel, Chair
  • Jude Tuma, First Vice Chair
  • Lynn Charytan, Second Vice Chair
  • Folasade A. Olanipekun-Lewis, Vice Chair, Ex-Officio
  • James J. Biles, Treasurer
  • Richard Greenawalt, Secretary


  • Cynthia H. Affleck
  • Carol Banford
  • Phyllis W. Beck
  • Benito Cachinero-Sánchez
  • Jeffrey Cooper
  • Tobey Gordon Dichter
  • Donald Generals
  • Richard Greenawalt
  • Melissa Grimm
  • Janet Haas
  • Robert C. Heim
  • Renée C. Hughes
  • Michael A. Innocenzo
  • Phillip Jaurigue
  • Charles P. Keates
  • Geoffrey Kent
  • Susan B. Muller
  • Peter D. Nalle
  • Patrick M. Oates
  • Shelley Stewart
  • Barbara Sutherland
  • Karla Trotman
  • Joe H. Tucker, Jr.
  • Jude Tuma
  • Jay L. Weinstein
  • Peter Wolf
  • Karima A. Zedan


  • James Averill
  • Peter A. Benoliel
  • Marie Field
  • Elizabeth H. Gemmill
  • W. Wilson Goode
  • Alexander Kerr
  • Leslie Anne Miller
  • William R. Sasso
  • A. Morris Williams, Jr.

Foundation Staff Contacts

General Information
Shara Pollie
Executive Vice President
Contact: 215-814-3525
David T. Edwards
Chief Financial Officer
Contact: 215-567-5948
Jenny Bogoni
Executive Director, Read by 4th
Contact: 215-814-4109
Alix Gerz
Vice President of Communications
Contact: 215-814-3509
Jim Pecora
Vice President of Property Management
Contact: 215-686-5312
Andy Kahan
Director of Author Events
Contact: 215-814-3531