Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Free Library of Philadelphia is a welcoming and inclusive public space and strongly believes in promoting understanding and community engagement.

All 54 of our libraries provide a safe haven for individuals of all ages and backgrounds, providing homework help, English Language Learning (ELL) classes, supportive job search assistance, and much more. We encourage and host conversations about differences and complex social issues. The library exists to provide opportunities for discussion supported by educational resources, access to a vast array of information, and ideas that transform communities, open minds, and promote inclusion.

A Statement from the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Guy Sims

Dr. Guy Sims

The issues and concerns ahead may be challenging but are worthy of our attention and efforts. If success is to be achieved they require the work of all the members of our institutional community. Just as one finger does not make a fist, one person or one office cannot do it alone. It is the requirement and responsibility of all to require mutual respect, to manage conflict, promote civility, work to correct what is wrong, and to celebrate when we get things right. When we look at the root of the word community, we find the old English definition meaning common ownership. That is what the work of equity, diversity, and inclusion is, the common ownership of our institution, our community, our world.

The Library will begin to work with the Concerned Black Workers and other staff members on current and on-going issues and concerns. There is a commitment to elevating their voices and taking the necessary and important steps to addressing those issues and being the better stewards of the kind of environment that we both profess and advance through the Library's mission and vision.

Dr. Guy Sims, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer