Executive Staff

Kelly Richards
President and Director
Contact: 215-686-5300
Priscilla Suero
First Deputy Director
Contact: 215-686-5300
Darren T. Cottman
Chief Operating Officer
Contact: 215-686-5300
Kelsey Bates
Rosenbach Director
Contact: 215-732-1600 x 122
Jenny Bogoni
Executive Director Read by 4th
Contact: 215-814-4109
Veronica Britto
Interim Chief, Neighborhood Library Services Division
Contact: 215-686-5310
Christine Caputo
Chief, Youth Services and Programs
Contact: 215-686-5372
Jennifer Chang
Chief, Central Public Services Division
Contact: 215-686-5400
Alix Gerz
Vice President of Communications
Contact: 215-814-3509
Christine Lee Ryder
Chief Financial Officer
Contact: 215-567-5948
Jennifer Maguire-Wright
Director, Performance Management
Contact: 215-686-5300
James Pecora
Vice President of Property Management
Contact: 215-686-5312
Shara Pollie
Executive Vice President of the Foundation
Contact: 215-814-3525
Janine Pollock
Chief, Special Collections Division
Contact: 215-686-5415
Dr. Guy A. Sims
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Contact: 267-259-0030