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By Monica C. RSS Fri, March 11, 2022

Are you getting ready to celebrate Purim? We have books for you! Purim is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the bravery of Esther and the salvation of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian empire against Haman. A traditional Purim food is hamantaschen, a three-cornered pastry, symbolizing the defeated enemy of the Jewish people.

Meet the Hamantaschen: a Purim mystery by Alan Silbergerg

There’s a problem with Purim! The Purim play is about to start, but the megillah is missing! Without the scroll that recounts the Purim story, how can the show go on? Never fear: three determined hamantaschen—DETECTIVES! Right. Three determined DETECTIVES are on the case. With the help of a mysterious stranger and a few disguises, the detectives uncover the facts so the true story of Purim can be told.

Cakes and miracles: a Purim tale by Barbara Diamond Goldin; illustrated by Jaime Zollars

Purim is approaching and Hershel, the only blind boy in the village, wishes he could help his mother prepare hamantashen for the holiday. If only I could see, he thinks, I could help my mother more. That night, Hershel dreams of a winged angel descending a sparkling ladder. She says, “Make what you see. You see when you close your eyes. You see in your dreams.” With new courage, Hershel learns to trust his dream and creates something more beautiful than anyone in the whole village can imagine.

The story of Esther: a Purim tale by Eric A. Kimmel; illustrated by Jill Weber

Long ago, King Ahasuerus of Persia was seeking a new wife. Though many beautiful maidens came to meet the King, it was a young Hebrew woman who caught his eye. She was called Esther, for she was as beautiful as the Morning Star, and the king decided to marry her immediately. But when the King’s hot-tempered chief minister Haman threatened Esther’s uncle, it was up to the young queen to save her family—and her people. With quick wits and courage, Esther persuaded the King to protect his Hebrew subjects—an event still celebrated today as the holiday called Purim.

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