10 Middle-Grade Titles for Pride Month

By Jeff B. RSS Thu, June 22, 2023

A perfect ten of terrific titles to accompany your celebrations during this Pride Month, this set of middle-grade tales tells us stories of discovery, decisions, determination, coping, and caring.

Wednesday Wilson Gets Down to Business by Bree Galbraith

There are many things Wednesday Wilson would like you to know about herself; most importantly, she is an entrepreneur. Wednesday hasn't actually started any businesses yet, but she's pretty sure today is the day. That's why she's so excited for you to read her book! You'll get to know her before she makes it big! She's also pretty excited for you to get to know all the awesome people in her life: her moms, her little brother Mister (yes: Mister — it's a long story), and her best friend Charlie.

Love without Bounds: An IntersectionAllies Book about Families by Chelsea Johnson, Chelsea, Carolyn Choi, and LaToya Council

A joyful, heartwarming celebration of family in all its forms: multicultural families; LGBTQIA+ families; adoptive and foster care families; single-parent and blended families; transnational families; families impacted by incarceration, detention, and deportation; chosen families; military families; and more.

Matteo by Michael Leali

When 11-year-old Matteo literally sprouts leaves and grows bark during one of his baseball games, he digs into his family tree to find out what it all means.

Drew Leclair Crushes the Case by Katryn Bury

Middle school detectives confront locker thefts and ransom notes. Drew Leclair, future FBI profiler and current seventh grader, does not want to get into trouble like as she did after her last successful sleuthing outing. That's how you get suspended from school. But who else can investigate these serial thefts? There has never been a better excuse to pull out thumbtacks and red thread for Drew's crime board. Meanwhile Drew struggles with her feelings about Alix Chang, A funny, likable cast of characters inspects the evidence to solve a mystery together, culminating with an excellent use of glitter. Humorous, charming, and a win for mystery fans.

Jude Saves the World by Ronnie Riley

12-year-old Jude Winters is dealing with ADHD while trying to figure out how to tell their old-fashioned grandparents about their nonbinary status, but now they have another problem: Stevie, a previously popular girl at school has been ostracized because she has a crush on another girl, and Jude wants to help her cope as well.

Camp QUILTBAG by Nicole Melleby and A.J. Sass

After a bit of a rocky start at Camp QUILTBAG, an inclusive retreat for queer and trans kids, Abigail and Kai make a pact to help each other find their footing, all while navigating crushes, their queer identities, and a competition pitting cabin against cabin.

The House That Whispers by Lin Thompson

Simon, an 11-year-old coming to terms with his gender identity, is convinced that his grandmother's house is haunted.

Like a Hurricane by Jonathan Bécotte 

In this novel in verse for middle readers, a young teen struggles with revealing who he really is to those he loves.

Ellie Engle Saves Herself by Leah Johnson

When a freak earthquake hits her small town, Ellie wakes up with the power to bring anything back to life with just her touch. And when a video of her using her powers suddenly goes viral, Ellie's life goes somewhere she never imagined — nor wanted: straight into the spotlight. Surviving middle school is hard enough. Surviving middle school when paparazzi are camped out on your front lawn and an international pop singer wants you to use your powers on live TV and you might be in love with your best friend but she doesn't know it? Absolutely impossible.

Too Bright to See by Kyle Lukoff

In the summer before middle school, 11-year-old Bug must contend with best friend Moira suddenly caring about clothes, makeup, and boys; a ghost haunting; and the truth about Bug's gender identity.

Don’t stop with these stories or just in June; the Free Library has so much more for you to read and enjoy all year round. Check with your local librarian for suggestions!

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