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This July we are cooling off, enjoying treats, and embarking on adventures! There's a little something for everyone in the following recommendations of new titles! Young Children (up to… continue reading New Titles Coming to the Free Library in July!

By written by Rachel F.    June 30, 2023   

July is Disability Pride Month! After years of fighting, on July 26, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law, and Disability rights activists declared the day to be… continue reading Celebrate Disability Pride Month!

By written by Shelley R.    June 30, 2023    2

The Free Library of Philadelphia is thrilled to announce Saturday hours at 10 of our neighborhood library branches for the summer. Beginning Saturday, July 8 to August 26, 2023 , the following… continue reading 10 Neighborhood Free Library Branches Will Be Open on Saturdays

By written by Administrator    June 29, 2023    37

One thing I’ve enjoyed lately in my reading is getting to savor the explosion of LGBTQ+ characters who get to be out and themselves on the published page. It gives me great joy to offer… continue reading Children's Books Featuring Trans and Non-Binary Characters

By written by Naomi S.    June 26, 2023    3

In recent years, Dungeons & Dragons (or D&D ) has transformed from a nerdy niche into a pop culture staple, recognizable in popular shows like the Netflix original series Stranger Things ,… continue reading Dungeons & Dragons and The Free Library

By written by Yona Y.    June 26, 2023    2

A perfect ten of terrific titles to accompany your celebrations during this Pride Month, this set of middle-grade tales tells us stories of discovery, decisions, determination, coping, and caring.… continue reading 10 Middle-Grade Titles for Pride Month

By written by Jeff B.    June 22, 2023   

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong — like something about you wasn’t right, or didn’t meet the expectations of others — and can you remember how that felt?… continue reading Why Libraries Are So Important This Pride Month

By written by Emily S.    June 20, 2023   

June is  Immigrant Heritage Month , and you can celebrate the extraordinary, far-reaching, and diverse contributions immigrants have woven into the American tapestry through this… continue reading Check Out Our Immigrant Heritage Month Author Events YouTube Playlist

By written by Jason F.    June 20, 2023   

Get ready to party! We are celebrating 50 years since hip hop entered the music scene and changed everything. Learn how it all began and see for yourself how the music, the beat and the… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop

By written by Monica C.    June 20, 2023   

Thursday, June 22 marks the finale of One Book, One Philadelphia and we over here in the One Book office are working up the nerve to say goodbye to this incredible season of events. After… continue reading The Big Send Off of One Book, One Philadelphia

By written by Nell M.    June 15, 2023    1

One way of classifying manga is by demographic categories like shonen and shojo (for more information, check out the previous Manga 101 blog post ). However, manga can also be divided into genres… continue reading Manga 101: Isekai

By written by Meg B.    June 15, 2023   

The Art Department is thrilled to host the launch of  Don’t Look Into The Abyss , a new graphic novel illustrated and published by  Bryn Ziegler .  Ziegler is a book and… continue reading Bryn Ziegler's Don’t Look Into The Abyss and Other Philadelphia Comics

By written by Alina J.    June 14, 2023   

All holidays have a story, a history, and a message. Juneteenth is no different. The name comes from combining "June" and "nineteenth" and is celebrated on the… continue reading 9 Middle-Grade Titles for Juneteenth

By written by Jeff B.    June 14, 2023   

Pride month is a celebration of queer culture, joy, resilience, and strength. It's a reminder of how far the LGBTQ+ community has come and how far we still have to go. Workplace environments… continue reading Create an Inclusive Workplace With These LGBTQ+ Friendly Business Titles

By written by Birch M.    June 14, 2023   

Celebrate the Summer Solstice (Wednesday, June 21) with a full day of free musical programming at the Free Library! A variety of programs for all ages will be happening throughout the day at our… continue reading Enjoy a Full Day of Music at Parkway Central Library on June 21

By written by Jane L.    June 12, 2023   

We have some new books about Juneteenth to recommend! Last year our similar  blog post suggested new titles that had been published and added to our collection. Here are some more to add… continue reading 6 New Children's Books Celebrating Juneteenth!

By written by Monica C.    June 12, 2023   

Honor Juneteenth with the Free Library of Philadelphia! This year, we celebrate Juneteenth for the third time as a federal holiday, but it has been an important celebration for nearly 200 years!… continue reading Honoring Juneteenth at the Free Library

By written by Inaara S.    June 9, 2023   

Due to unsafe air quality levels we have canceled tonight's event. Following the recommendation of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to limit outdoor activities, we have made the… continue reading The Community Impact Awards Are Canceled Due to Unsafe Air Quality Levels

By written by Administrator    June 8, 2023   

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month and the Free Library’s Author Events program has an extensive archive of podcasts and videos to help you celebrate a diverse range of writers working across a wide… continue reading LGBTQ+ Authors on the Free Library Podcast

By written by Jason F.    June 8, 2023   

June is Pride month , which makes it the perfect time to learn about and support local, LGBTQ-owned businesses. Philly queer-owned businesses have something for everyone, whether you’re… continue reading 5 Philly LGBTQ+ Owned Small Businesses To Support This Pride Month

By written by Birch M.    June 7, 2023