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Calling All of Philly’s Technology Enthusiasts!   Where will you be during the week of April 4-12, 2014? If you are interested in technology and community, Technically Philly’s… continue reading

By Jenn D.   March 31, 2014   

Let's get the "Word on the Web" and check out some recent topics of interest and discussion from the tech, literary, library, and arts and entertainment sections of the World Wide… continue reading

By Peter SM   March 28, 2014   

To celebrate Women's History Month, Wadsworth Library's Children's area is focusing on one very popular woman: Cinderella. Cinderella is more than a quick bedtime story or Disney… continue reading

By Chris B.   March 25, 2014    1

This Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of Hellboy and has been designated Hellboy Day across libraries, comic book shops, and bookstores around the world. Who or what is… continue reading

By Peter SM   March 21, 2014   

The Free Library is excited to host several science-based children’s programs in 17 of our neighborhood libraries—as well as a special “Science Tellers” program at the… continue reading

By Rachel F.   March 21, 2014   

Every day, the Free Library works to provide teens with opportunities to master new technology and make their voices heard at our Hot Spots and through initiatives at libraries throughout the city… continue reading

By Michelle S.   March 19, 2014    1

Our fantastic librarians and staff are truly the backbone of the Free Library of Philadelphia, helping to advance literacy, guide learning, and inspire curiosity each and every day. In this new… continue reading

By Michelle S.   March 18, 2014   

We're so pleased to announce that we've expanded our ebook and digital audiobook services with two new platforms! First, we have a new digital experience just for kids. The… continue reading

By Jamie W.   March 17, 2014    3

If you are reading this on March 14th at 1:59 p.m., then it must be Pi Day ! (Pi at 5 decimal places = 3.14159 : ) What is Pi Day, you ask? Only an annual celebration of the mathematical constant… continue reading

By Peter SM   March 14, 2014    1

View and listen to the Top 10 Author Event Podcasts Downloaded in February 2014 . Authors coming to the Free Library soon include Kevin Powers , Max Brooks , Bob Mankoff , Pat and Gina Neely ,… continue reading

By Peter SM   March 12, 2014   

If you have ever read a Graphic Novel , you have Will Eisner to thank. The artist and writer popularized the term in 1978 with his critical and commercial success A Contract with God , defining… continue reading

By Peter SM   March 7, 2014   

Looking for some great books for your children? Our children's librarians are excited to share their expert reviews with you. Today's reviews feature books that encourage us to be thrifty… continue reading

By Sarah S.   March 7, 2014   

We are deeply grateful to Mayor Nutter for increasing the Free Library’s budget, which will ensure that every neighborhood library will be open six days a week. Serving Philadelphians of all… continue reading

By Eileen O.   March 6, 2014    4

Here are the Top 10 ebooks downloaded from the Free Library's OverDrive Digital Library in February 2014. With the Polar Vortex (hey, there's a GREAT name for a suspense thriller !)… continue reading

By Peter SM   March 6, 2014   

The Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation is asking local artists to submit proposals to produce fully-developed artistic designs at five neighborhood libraries, as part of the Free… continue reading

By Michelle S.   March 4, 2014    2