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It's been a few months, but we're back on the blog beat, so let's get the "Word on the Web" and check out some recent topics of interest and discussion from the tech,… continue reading

By Peter SM   May 29, 2015   

Happenings Related exhibitions of Pennsylvania German fraktur and decorative arts will be on view at the Free Library of Philadelphia through July 16.   The summer reading… continue reading

By Samantha M.   May 29, 2015   

Now announcing a great opportunity for rising 5 th  and 6 th  graders! The Library of Congress is holding a writing contest entitled “A Book That Shaped Me.” This will… continue reading

By Sarah S.   May 29, 2015   

By Lisa C. In honor of Philly Tech week last month, Northeast Regional Library hosted their first ever TechXpo where attendees could get a first-hand look at some of the latest technology in… continue reading

By Michelle S.   May 29, 2015   

On Monday, June 1, the School Discipline Advocacy Service will give a free presentation at the Parkway Central Library for any students (and parents of students) facing formal disciplinary… continue reading

By Timothy F.   May 28, 2015   

Philadelphia’s guitarists are dropping by the Reference Desk more frequently than usual to request our B.B. King songbooks. School students are visiting the Music Department asking… continue reading

By Perry G.   May 27, 2015   

A new spring ad campaign is underway here at the Free Library and this year’s theme is focused on new Americans and the role the library can play as a gateway to learning and information.… continue reading

By Nate E.   May 22, 2015    2

There are Infinite Reasons to Love This Photographer and Her 97-year old Muse She spent thirty five years working at the Free Library of Philadelphia as a commercial… continue reading

By Samantha M.   May 22, 2015   

Frequent visitors to our Overdrive site may have noticed a few changes this week. After months of planning, Overdrive has discontinued the much maligned WMA and WMV formats for audiobooks, videos,… continue reading

By Jamie W.   May 21, 2015    9

Last week’s deadly train derailment in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia was eerily similar to a crash that happened at the same junction on Labor Day in 1943. The 1943 accident… continue reading

By David N.   May 21, 2015   

It's new comic book day across the United States today and you can flip through some new comics without even leaving your house to head down to your local comic shop. Hoopla , one of our most… continue reading

By Peter SM   May 20, 2015    1

On Thursday, May 21 at Parkway Central Library, the Free Library will kick off the first of six job fairs to be held throughout the year at neighborhood libraries across the city. Made possible by… continue reading

By Nate E.   May 19, 2015   

Words at Play Vocabulary Initiative at FLP KYW Audio clip   Sen. George Mitchell: The Negotiator WHYY Former Senator GEORGE MITCHELL accomplished the Herculean task when after years of… continue reading

By Samantha M.   May 15, 2015   

Beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 16th, Free Library IT staff will be performing system maintenance on our website. Our online catalog , telephone renewal system, and access to electronic… continue reading

By Peter SM   May 15, 2015    2

Philadelphia’s 2015 primary election is Tuesday, May 19. Registered voters have the opportunity to select primary candidates for Mayor, City Council, Judges, City Commissioners, Sheriff, and… continue reading

By Autumn M.   May 13, 2015   

Know anyone who'd like some free computer lessons?  Parkway Central librarians have announced their new roster of computer courses for May 2015.  Librarians lead these classes… continue reading

By Perry G.   May 8, 2015   

Toni Morrison’s book explores how childhood trauma twists adult life When one of the world’s most revered writers hit a bump in her wheelchair heading to the stage of… continue reading

By Samantha M.   May 8, 2015   

Fraktur is a term describing both a 16th century German typeface and manuscript letter form,  and the manuscript documents (now considered folk art) produced by the Pensylvania… continue reading

By Karen L.   May 7, 2015   

Celebrate the coming of summer with a rooftop biergarten ! Mingle atop the Skyline Terrace and have an excellent view of the city with other young Philadelphia professionals, while you… continue reading

By Samantha M.   May 6, 2015   

Walk outside, take a deep breath, and feel the warm sunshine on your face—Spring is in full swing! The month of May is full of fun little holidays that you can celebrate with the children in… continue reading

By Sarah S.   May 4, 2015