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'Tis the season for goal-setting! You might be feeling merry and motivated right now, but as the year gallops along, don't let your resolve wane. Lean on the Free Library to keep your… continue reading

By Samantha M.   December 29, 2016    2

Genevieve Tierney, pastry cook at Osteria , shares some of her favorite holiday cookie recipes from around the world. Genevieve is a graduate of The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College.… continue reading

By Liz A.   December 23, 2016   

Get HYPE Philly! team and teen participants alike learn new things all the time about the benefits of different foods and how to prepare them. At a recent HYPE program with culinary educator… continue reading

By Khyra L.   October 13, 2016    17

Happy International Literacy Day ! While everyone knows libraries are literacy hubs, many might not know the different types of literacy the Free Library of Philadelphia helps to promote! Not… continue reading

By Kate C.   September 8, 2016    2

Cooking with Confidence is a beginner cooking class for adults with developmental disabilities offered by the Free Library’s Culinary Literacy Center . The class is designed with two goals… continue reading

By Jamie B.   August 31, 2016   

by Peggy Paul Casella of Fair Food Garlic: The Plant That Keeps on Giving When you think of garlic, you probably imagine compact bulbs wrapped in papery white husks. These are the fully… continue reading

By Michele T.   July 18, 2016   

Does your child love food and want to learn more about how to cook? Do you ever wish you had a helping hand in the kitchen? Ever wonder how to turn your child on to healthy eating habits? The… continue reading

By Jamie B.   June 17, 2016    2

By Peggy Paul Casella for Fair Food 10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Strawberries Fraga , the Latin word for strawberry, was derived from the word  fragrans ,… continue reading

By Michele T.   June 15, 2016   

By Alex Jones, Fair Food’s Value Chain Coordinator Fair Food is based in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, but we work to build markets for food producers all over central and eastern… continue reading

By Michele T.   May 13, 2016   

Here's another seasonal treat from the blog of Leanne Brown , author of Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day . Wild ramps appear very briefly in early spring, making their way out of winter… continue reading

By Michele T.   May 5, 2016   

The weather is truly taking a turn for warmer, sunnier days, making it the perfect time to enjoy a big juicy burger outside with friends. Veggie burgers come in all shapes and sizes and… continue reading

By Michele T.   April 29, 2016   

The Free Library is excited to host several science-based children’s programs in 16 of its neighborhood libraries—as well as a number of kitchen-science programs at the Culinary… continue reading

By Julie B.   April 11, 2016   

The following recipe is from Leanne Brown’s book Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day (also available as a free downloadable PDF from her website). The book began as a project for her… continue reading

By Michele T.   April 5, 2016   

By Lisa Kelly of The Food Trust Over the next several weeks, asparagus will be one of the main attractions at Philadelphia markets!  The supermodel of early springtime produce, long and lanky… continue reading

By Michele T.   April 5, 2016   

By Lisa Kelly of The Food Trust After a long winter, we all look forward to the first signs of spring at local markets. Here in Philadelphia, this is the time of year when spring favorites begin… continue reading

By Michele T.   March 30, 2016    1

By Peggy Paul Casella for Fair Food Spring is here, and it’s time to get your hands in the soil! Here’s a round-up of links and resources to help you plan for the spring/summer growing… continue reading

By Michele T.   March 29, 2016   

As we emerge into the longer days of early spring, we’re all about spending time outdoors, getting fresh air, and hitting up farmers’ markets for delicious, local produce! Grab… continue reading

By Michele T.   March 18, 2016   

Recently at the Culinary Literacy Center , Bruce Schimmel, founder of the Philadelphia City Paper and community chef, taught a class on Israeli salads and their perfect pairing—pita… continue reading

By Michele T.   March 17, 2016   

By Peggy Paul Casella for Fair Food On damp, cold days, when spring seems so far out of reach, a bowl of brightly colored, silky-smooth vegetable soup can work wonders. It’s also great on… continue reading

By Michele T.   March 8, 2016    1

In the Cold Mountain era, people had to live off the food they grew and the meals they made at home. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, refrigeration wasn’t available to preserve food.… continue reading

By Samantha M.   February 17, 2016