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The summer season is in full swing now and our newest Early Literacy calendar has plenty of fun activities to keep you and your young ones busy all summer long! We are so close to reaching our… continue reading August 2014 Early Literacy Calendar

By written by Jennifer W.    July 31, 2014   

Let's get the "Word on the Web" and check out some recent topics of interest and discussion from the tech, literary, library, and arts and entertainment sections of the World Wide… continue reading Word on the Web July 2014

By written by Peter SM    July 31, 2014   

“He lists the disasters, the droughts, the storms, the fires, the encroaching seas that swallowed up so much of the land, the brutal war for what little sustenance remained. The result was… continue reading Cli-Fi: A New Literary Subgenre

By written by Peter L.    July 30, 2014   

Trips to the beach are synonymous with summer. With the Jersey Shore and Delaware beaches right in our backyard, a day trip is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Before you… continue reading Healthy Snacks for a Day on the Beach

By written by Liz A.    July 29, 2014   

*** Update - 11/1/2017 - Our Hoopla policies have changed. So that we can bring you more content on more platforms, we have changed the number of checkouts per person to 4 titles a… continue reading Stream Movies, TV, Music, and Audiobooks Free with Hoopla!

By written by Jamie W.    July 28, 2014    53

UPDATED: 7/25/14 Getting ebooks or audiobooks for your Apple or Android Tablet, Phone, or mobile device is simple. This broad category includes many types of devices, but what they all share… continue reading Getting Ebooks for Your Apple or Android Tablet, Phone, or Mobile Device (Including the Kindle Fire, Nook Color, and Nook HD tablets)

By written by Jamie W.    July 25, 2014    32

[all photos courtesy Philadelphia Jazz Project and Alexis Simmons of Gypsi Life Photography ] On Monday July 21st, eleven stunning performers treated an audience of nearly 200 jazz fans to a… continue reading DivaNation Showcase

By written by Adam F.    July 25, 2014    1

image courtesy of DC Comics Back in April, I wrote about the numerous events DC Comics had planned throughout this year to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman . Today is one of the bigger… continue reading Holy Celebration! It's Batman Day!

By written by Peter SM    July 23, 2014   

What were you doing last Friday? My guess is that you were reading. Reading, reading, reading! We are delighted to declare that you have helped get us HALFWAY to our 30-Million-Minute Summer… continue reading Halfway to our Summer Reading Challenge Goal!

By written by Jenn D.    July 21, 2014   

Here are the Top 10 ebooks downloaded from the Free Library's OverDrive Digital Library in June 2014. More than 60,000 ebooks were checked out and downloaded for the month! Mystery and… continue reading Top 10 ebooks OverDrive Digital Library June 2014

By written by Peter SM    July 18, 2014   

As I wrote back in May, the fight for Net Neutrality has picked up considerable steam with the recent FCC proposal that would allow a “fast lane” of preferential treatment through… continue reading Make Your Voice Heard Today On Net Neutrality

By written by Peter SM    July 15, 2014   

Magazines. They're papery, crinkly, and sometimes they smell like purfume. Who needs 'em, right?  Just kidding. We love magazines! Love them so much we sometimes like to get a bit… continue reading Digital Magazines To Go!

By written by Jamie W.    July 15, 2014    4

It's summer time and that means time to get in the water!  Some kids are very comfortable playing in the pool right from the start, while others need a little encouragement getting their… continue reading Splish, Splash! Fun with Water!

By written by Monica C.    July 15, 2014    1

View and listen to the Top 10 Author Event Podcasts Downloaded in June 2014 . Authors coming to the Free Library soon include economist and magazine magnate Steve Forbes , local cookbook author… continue reading Top 10 Author Event Podcast Downloads June 2014

By written by Peter SM    July 14, 2014    2

For young ladies, a princess-themed storytime is always a hit.  But for parents (and some unnamed librarians) reading each pink-laced page can be a bit of a saccharine overload.  Why not… continue reading Winning Princess Books for Children

By written by Sarah S.    July 11, 2014   

We are happy to announce that BluRay movies will soon be arriving in our libraries. BluRay movies have higher picture resolution than DVDs, so the image appears crisper. You'll… continue reading BluRay Movies Coming Soon!

By written by Lynn W.    July 10, 2014    2

Transforming neighborhood libraries like Lovett Memorial is the essence of the Free Library of Philadelphia’s 21st Century Libraries Initiative. The 21st Century Libraries Initiative will… continue reading Building Inspiration: Lovett Memorial Library

By written by Jenn D.    July 9, 2014    4

After a failed geoengineering attempt to fix climate change leaves the earth in an everlasting winter, the last humans in Bong Joon-ho’s new sci-fi thriller, Snowpiercer , survive aboard a… continue reading Crazy Train

By written by Jamie B.    July 8, 2014   

Some light housekeeping today as a new fiscal year has just begun and we’ve made a few changes to our collection of electronic resources. First, based on feedback from the librarians in our… continue reading Housekeeping: Changes To Our Databases and Electronic Resources

By written by Jamie W.    July 8, 2014    3

You might think, in keeping with a certain stereotype, that librarians are so old-school that the only music we listen to comes from the Library’s vinyl collection . And though there may be… continue reading Summer Highlights from New Albums

By written by Perry G.    July 3, 2014