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In Stephen King's short story, Sometimes They Come Back , ghosts and demons haunt a man who is forced to confront his traumatic past. It would seem Stephen King is living out one of his own… continue reading

By Peter SM   September 27, 2013    3

Let's go "Around the Blogs" and check out some recent topics of interest from the tech, literary, library, and arts and entertainment sections of the World Wide Web. It's Banned… continue reading

By Peter SM   September 24, 2013   

This Saturday, September 21st marks the birth date of animation legend Chuck Jones . Even if the name doesn't ring any bells, if you've ever watched a Warner Bros. cartoon or really any… continue reading

By Peter SM   September 20, 2013   

Apple released iOS 7 yesterday and many of  Apple users may have upgraded their device(s) or will be upgrading in the near future. Overdrive reported today that there is glitch with thier… continue reading

By Jamie W.   September 19, 2013    2

With the fall season upon us, students, their teachers, and their principals have recently returned to school.  In the School District of Philadelphia, each of those groups face immense… continue reading

By Adam F.   September 18, 2013   

Checkout the Top 10 Author Event Podcasts Downloaded in August 2013 . There were more than 19,400 podcasts downloaded from our website for the month of August! View our full Fall schedule and… continue reading

By Peter SM   September 17, 2013   

The International Day of Peace is just around the corner!  The holiday was first celebrated in 1982 and is currently observed by all Member States of the United Nations on September 21. … continue reading

By Chris B.   September 16, 2013   

LibraryReads is back with its second monthly list of recommended new titles that will be published during October.  Public librarians from all across the country are reading copies of new… continue reading

By Anne L.    September 16, 2013   

If you're looking at this blog, you may notice something different: more stories, more color, more pictures. We've redesigned our blog ! When you go to Free Library's blog now, you… continue reading

By Peter SM   September 13, 2013    1

It's the "Back to School Edition" of the Early Literacy Calendar from the Free Library of Philadelphia's children's librarians!  We’ve been quite busy preparing… continue reading

By Andrea Z.   September 13, 2013   

Over the summer we blogged about a number of changes coming to our electronic resources and databases . The last of those changes has finally gone into effect. The Free Library will no long… continue reading

By Jamie W.   September 12, 2013   

Sundays on Stage - Fall 2013 Sundays on Stage is a series of cultural programs featuring live performances by a variety of artists and entertainers. These family programs celebrate diversity… continue reading

By Rachel F.   September 11, 2013    1

Want to have a fun-filled day of creativity, learning, and making cool stuff courtesy of Free Library and SparkFun ? The SparkFun tour bus and staff will visit the Cecil B. Moore Library  at… continue reading

By Peter SM   September 10, 2013   

The month of September happens to be the birth month of many children’s book authors and illustrators who have created wonderful books for preschoolers. Celebrate their lives and classic… continue reading

By Ruth G.   September 9, 2013    1

There's no shortage of media and entertainment vying for our attention these days. Between books, movies, television, and the Internet (which you can get all the aforementioned forms of visual… continue reading

By Peter SM   September 6, 2013   

The search for the next Poet Laureate for the City of Philadelphia is on! Are you an enthusiastic, established poet who lives in the city and wishes to be an ambassador for the art form? Do you… continue reading

By Autumn M.   September 5, 2013    1

It’s back-to-school month! Your young child may be starting preschool for the first time this September. Help your preschooler get excited, or calm his or her worries, with these books… continue reading

By Ruth G.   September 4, 2013    2

Here are the Top 10 ebooks downloaded from the Free Library's OverDrive Digital Library in August 2013. There were more than 47,000 ebooks checked out and downloaded for the month! The… continue reading

By Peter SM   September 4, 2013    1