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By Mary Liu 2015-16 College Prep Program participant  The quotation "the rich will always get richer" is the epitome of our country. The majority of the students around me have the… continue reading

By Aisha A.   June 16, 2016   

Kyle Chilluti is the resident "book whisperer" at the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Bustleton Library . The 17-year-old aspiring filmmaker from MaST Community Charter School gives… continue reading

By Jenn D.   June 3, 2016   

By Kristine Johnson My name is Kristine Johnson and I am a committed College Prep Specialist with the Free Library of Philadelphia. The best thing about this program is the youth! We are… continue reading

By Aisha A.   April 6, 2016   

By Nastassja Whitman College is not all about the books. No, really. College is more than just about going to class and studying for exams. What about the social world? It is common that college… continue reading

By Aisha A.   March 8, 2016   

By Alexis Mason College Prep Program Work Study student You’re never fully prepared for what college has in store for you, even though you may think you are. I graduated from Mastery… continue reading

By Aisha A.   February 12, 2016   

By Darrian Hopson College Prep Program Work Study Student My name is Darrian Hopson, a work-study student of the Free Library of Philadelphia and current student at Temple University. In my… continue reading

By Aisha A.   January 20, 2016   

By Kristine Johnson College Prep Specialist The journey to and through college can be challenging for even the most prepared of students. Often times, the skills needed for success in collegiate… continue reading

By Aisha A.   November 25, 2015    1

My name is Fred E. and I am a recent graduate of Martin Luther King High School.  I plan to attend the following two colleges: Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) and Indiana University… continue reading

By Aisha A.   October 13, 2015    3

Sometimes you've got to take a test. It's a fact of life. Some of us struggle with tests while others breeze by, but we could all benefit from a little preparation. So before you… continue reading

By Jamie W.   August 6, 2015    1

"My name is Shanae. I am a Class of 2015 graduate of Philadelphia High School for Girls, and I will be attending Penn State University in the fall. I attribute my foundation for learning to… continue reading

By Aisha A.   June 30, 2015    4

My name is Ericka and I worked as a work study student in the College Prep Program on behalf of seniors in high school, helping them to complete goals to successful enter college! I… continue reading

By Aisha A.   June 8, 2015   

How do we measure success?  Some measure success through wealth, power, and prestige.  Others may measure success by how quickly they advance in their careers.  But how does one… continue reading

By Aisha A.   April 27, 2015   

“Betiane”* is a high school senior with a 3.30 GPA and has aspirations to go to college and obtain a Bachelors of Science degree in Business. She has a pretty good chance of obtaining… continue reading

By Aisha A.   March 10, 2015    1

When it comes to applying for Federal Student Aid to begin your journey to college or trade school, the process can seem overwhelming, especially if you do not know how to start,… continue reading

By Aisha A.   February 9, 2015   

The Seniors in the class of 2015 have came a long way since they've walked through the doors of their respective high school four years ago and now they are less than six months before they… continue reading

By Aisha A.   January 16, 2015    3

While searching for financial aid advice to pass on to students I recently stumbled across an extremely interesting article titled " Beware of the College Bait and Switch ” by Lynn… continue reading

By Aisha A.   December 16, 2014    2

Ziyan Chen is one of the few students that have consistently participated in both my SAT and College Application workshops, which focused on practicing SAT test strategies and introducing the… continue reading

By Aisha A.   December 8, 2014   

The idea of being the first person in my family to attend college was an honorable, yet nerve wrecking feeling. Questions like how can I afford college always lingered over my head.… continue reading

By Aisha A.   December 1, 2014    1

With the fall season upon us, students, their teachers, and their principals have recently returned to school.  In the School District of Philadelphia, each of those groups face immense… continue reading

By Adam F.   September 18, 2013   

It’s that time of the year again. High school seniors are scrambling to finish their college applications and hoping to get into the college or university of their choice. If you are… continue reading

By Theresa R.   October 22, 2010    17