Ebook reader tutorials online!

By Jen W. Thu, September 16, 2010

There are a number of fantastic tutorials that people have put together to walk you through using your ebook readers.  Below are two that I have found helpful.

OverDrive Digital Media Tutorials - Videos introducing the OverDrive service (downloadable ebooks, video, music, and audiobooks) and walking you through using the materials in detail

Loading books with Adobe Digital Editions on your Nook - Shows step by step what to do to get your ebooks onto your Nook.  While this video says it is for the Nook, it covers the basic steps you need to take for most readers to use our ebooks.

Do you have a favorite tutorial or website that has helped you with our downloadable collections?  Let me know in the comments!



Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions


Awesome tutorials, unfortunately I couldn't find yet any other ones that would help with your downloadable collections.
chris - new york, ny Sun, October 31, 2010
Hi, It's nice site.
marjone - New york Tue, November 30, 2010
Please submit your question to our Ask a Librarian email form for help with our downloadable services. Fri, July 08, 2011
I am having trouble opening the book from my nook. I get a message: "user not activated". I was not prompt to activate during the installation process. How do I acrivate? Please help.
V - Philadelphia Fri, July 08, 2011
Great tutorial. We could use eBook . Do you offer tests and question answer periods?
online iPad Tutorials - San Francisco, US Wed, November 28, 2012

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