Keeping Up with Favorite YA Authors

By Michelle S. RSS Wed, July 20, 2011

I'm a huge fan of young adult literature. Several of my favorite young adult authors maintain some excellent and entertaining blogs that discuss everything from classic novels to the world of publishing to the thought process behind their work. Even if you haven’t read these authors’ novels—though you should!—their blogs are not to be missed.

Some of my favorites include:

John Green – John Green deserves (and will probably get) his own blog post someday about the incredible work that he and his brother Hank have done to build a dynamic online community of self-professed nerds who embrace enthusiasm, celebrate learning, and support humanitarian causes worldwide. For now, I can’t recommend Green’s hilarious and thoughtful video blogs highly enough. (His brother Hank's videos are equally awesome.) DFTBA!

Laurie Halse Anderson – The award-winning author of Speak and Forge offers writing advice and insight into her creative process.

Sarah Dessen – Her novels are hit New York Times bestsellers, and her entertaining blog covers the gamut from book recommendations to reality television.

Lois Lowry – The author of my Favorite Book Ever writes an eloquent blog that makes me yearn for my very own rural Maine farmhouse and lovable shaggy dog (and, um, my very own esteemed literary career...)

What are some of your favorite author blogs? Share in the comments!

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Judy Blume's blog - Her blog focuses on her daily life but her website is pretty cool, especially for aspiring writers.
Camille T. - Olney
Thursday, July 21, 2011

YA author Justine Larabalastier has an excellent blog: where she talks about her life and work, and includes lots of other fun stuff. Right now it features some information about "Zombie vs Unicorn" debates around the world.
joeln - west philly
Saturday, July 23, 2011