Steve Jobs and the Free Library

By Eileen O. RSS Thu, August 25, 2011

The news of Steve Jobs’s resignation from Apple, the innovative computer company he co-founded over 30 years ago, was announced yesterday to a saddened, but maybe not surprised, Silicon Valley; Jobs’s health has been in question for the past couple of years, as he fought cancer and recovered from a subsequent liver transplant.

Under the guidance of Jobs, Apple transformed the PC-dominated tech world through creativity, simplicity, and design. The iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, along with countless Mac products, are some of the most revolutionary computer creations of the past decade, fueled by Jobs’s ingenuity.

But now, as Jobs passes the CEO torch to Tim Cook, we’d like to celebrate the ways in which his pioneering products can play a part in your own Library experience:

For your iPod: Whether you missed your favorite author speaking at the Free Library or you want to relive the night, check out our archive of Podcasts from past Author Events.

For your iPhone: On the go? Stay in touch with through our mobile page, with easy access the Library’s catalog, digital collections, and free music downloads.

For your iPad: Make your daily commute more enjoyable: the Library’s digital media gives you access to hundreds of ebooks and movie downloads right to your device.   

For your Mac: If it’s articles and citations you’re looking for, the Library’s bountiful databases (on subjects varying from music and dance to business and science) have got you covered.

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