Free Library Launches New Ebook Service!

By Alix G. Wed, April 11, 2012

The Free Library is excited to launch a trial of a new service for all you ebook readers out there! This service—which is free with your Library card and PIN and will be offered for a limited time—is called Freading, and can be found via our Download Media button on the homepage or by clicking here.

With Freading, Library card holders have access to hundreds of ebooks—including extensive titles in genres such as romance, mystery, and self help—with no wait. You heard us: With Freading, you never need to place a hold because any book available in Freading’s catalogue can be checked out immediately to to your ereader! (Click here for a list of compatible devices.)

Freading works by using a token system: Each user is allotted two tokens a week and can accrue them over a four week period for a maximum of eight tokens a month. (After that, your tokens will be reset for the next month.) Books, which “cost” anywhere from one to four tokens apiece, can be checked out for a two week period.

We’re so excited about this new service and hope you’ll leave a comment here to tell us how you like it!

For more information on how to use Freading during our trial period, access FAQ’s here and get reading!


Judith Rice - Shenango Valley Tue, May 08, 2012
I love this!! Very impressive.
Debbie Kniele - Philadelphia Fri, May 11, 2012
I just got my Nook and can't wait to use this service! I'm wondering why it is offered for a limited time.
Afshan - East Falls, PA Sat, May 12, 2012
I've found some unusual books on this site. One on deer proofing my garden! I hope a limited time turns out to be a long limited time!
Pat - Wyo Sun, May 13, 2012
This is awesome! eBooks are the way to go nowadays.
Mr. Washing Machine Comparison - South Philly Mon, June 04, 2012
Thank you FLP for this wonderful additional service! Algonquin Books is one of my favorite publishers; so delighted to find them available via Freading. I look forward to exploring Freading but must go read my first two selections: My Therapist's Dog, by Diana Wells, and Emergency Teacher, by Christina Asquith. P.S.After reading a book from FLP, I sometimes buy the ebook through your site - so the more ebooks you provide, the more likely that I will be supporting you by buying ebooks. Win/Win situation and I am grateful to you!
eBook supporter - East Coast US Sat, June 23, 2012

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