Our New Catalog Launches Monday

By Carolyn P. Thu, April 19, 2012

The beta period for our new online catalog is drawing to a close. During the last six weeks, we’ve read your comments and suggestions, blushed at your kind flattery, fixed some bugs, and made plans for future development in response to the things you’ve told us would be most useful. We were very happy to know that lots of patrons are really looking forward to using the new catalog when it is fully launched!

We will officially retire Aquabrowser on Monday, April 23. Going forward, when you use the search box on our homepage (or in the sidebar of other pages) to search our catalog, you will be directed to search results in the new catalog. We’ll also link to the new catalog in all of the places that we used to link to Aquabrowser. The URL will stay the same, so if you’ve bookmarked it, you’ll automatically go to the new catalog.

You’ll also notice that when you click on “Access your account online” from any page on our website, you will now be logging in to the new online catalog, and the My Account features will look different. You will still be able to renew items, see which items are overdue, manage holds, pay bills online, and change your PIN and email address, just as you could in the old version of My Account. You’ll also be able to manage your booklists and tags and see your saved searches. 

By the way, if you created booklists or added tags during the beta period, all of your work will be preserved when we officially make the switch on Monday.

We’re looking forward to the change, and we hope you are, too!

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