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By Dena RSS Thu, December 20, 2012

We love year-end "Best of" lists here in Libraryland! There's so much good stuff published each year that we ache to share the books we love with everyone we can get our hands on.

Sometimes we just want to force you all to curl up in a comfy chair with a cup of hot cocoa and a fantastic book and not re-emerge until you're done. Since some people might get mad if we did that (and we don't have an endless supply of hot cocoa), we use Best Of lists to try to get you to love what we love.

As a librarian in Philbrick Hall at the Parkway Central Library, I'm so fortunate that I get to see all the new and cool books, both fiction and non-fiction, that come though our doors. I've sifted through the 267 books that I've read this year (so far) to come up with my 20 favorites to share with you!

This month I'm counting down my personal favorites that were published in 2012 over at the Philbrick Hall Facebook Page. Each day I'm posting a new book, ranging in topic from memoir to history to romance to science fiction to essays, and I'll unveil my absolute favorite of them all on New Year's Eve.

All the books are available right here at the Free Library either as a real book, an e-book, or both. Come like Philbrick Hall and see what I've been reading!

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