My Favorite Holiday Gift: Books!

By Alix G. Thu, January 3, 2013

During the holiday season (heck, on any gift-giving occasion) the present I most look forward to receiving is a book. Somehow, the “newness” of it lasts longer than whatever piece of chocolate I wolf down in five minutes. Its enjoyment is drawn out over many more hours than the latest hit movie and it keeps on giving long after the scented candle burns out. I just love giving and receiving a crisp new book as a gift!

This year for the holidays,my husband gave me a copy of Mr. Churchill’s Secretary, a cozy British spy mystery by Susan Elia MacNeal set in World War II-era London. It’s got a spunky secretary-turned-spy, a fun cast of secondary characters, a dose of actual history, and a tricky whodunit to boot! I gobbled it up over the holiday break and grabbed the sequel from the Library in time to ring in 2013. (Princess Elizabeth's Spy, for those who want to jump on board!)

Did you get any books during the holidays that you just couldn’t put down? We’d love to know!

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