Updated Overdrive Mobile Apps Coming Tuesday 5/28/13

By Jamie W. RSS Thu, May 23, 2013

OverDrive will release an updated version of the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) mobile app for iOS and Android (v2.6.5) on Tuesday, May 28. This change will effect people who use the Overdrive app to read ebooks or listen to audiobooks on their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.  Below is a summary of the release details.

Overdrive Update for Apple/iOS v2.6.5

In addition to improving the speed of the in-app browser and a few bug fixes, the updated Overdrive app will require you to reauthorize your Adobe ID. This re-authorization is required by Apple and reflects changes in Apple's privacy policies. As a result, the Overdrive App for iOS will de-authorize every users’ Adobe ID and prompt them to authorize again. Audiobook users will be unaffected unless attempting to download parts from a book that was only partially downloaded prior to the update.
eBooks – Adobe Authorization

After installing the update, users with authorized Adobe IDs in place will see the following message:

Clicking ‘Sign In’ will show the ‘Adobe Authorization’ screen. The deauthorized Adobe ID will be pre-populated and you will only need to enter your password. The ‘Forgot password?’ link will be also available.

Overdrive Re-Authorization

Audiobooks – Help downloading additional parts

If you have an audiobook checked out at the time of the update, you won’t notice anything different unless you attempt to download additional parts an audiobook that was not entirely downloaded to the app before the update. In this case, the following message is displayed:

If you see this message, you will need to download the title again from your bookshelf on our Overdrive website.

If you run into trouble with these updates, please contact us for help. 

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I don't know if you can help me. I've downloaded the update on my iphone 5 and have tried twice to authorize my adobe id password. It was rejected both times and I know I'm doing it correctly. If I try it a third time and this happens again, I'm concerned it will kick my password out and I would have to get a new one. I don't want this to happen. Is anyone else having this problem? What do I do?
Joan Engoran - New Jersey
Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hi Joan - You can try to reset your password at the Adobe site (link below). If you click 'Trouble Signing In' you will be able to create a new password there. Once you get your new password, then signin to your Overdrive app again. If that doesn't work for you, contact us using the link at the top right of this page and we can try going through it in a bit more detail. Thanks! -- https://www.adobe.com/account/sign-in.adobedotcom.html
Jamie W - Philadelphia
Monday, June 3, 2013