Friday Five: How-To's for Your B-B-Q!

By Peter SM RSS Fri, May 24, 2013

The Memorial Day holiday weekend is here and with it the unofficial start of the summer season!

Besides most people being off from work, "goin' down the shore" for some sun and fun, and taking in parades and fairs, a lot of people will also be firing up their grills for backyard cookouts and neighborhood block parties with family and friends.

Here is a "Friday Five" of cookbooks that will help you spice up your barbeque recipes, whether you are grilling meat or veggies, and some tasty concoctions to help you wash it all down with too!

Repo Man - Criterion Collection BBQ Bash
by Karen Adler and Judith M. Fertig

This book's subtitle touts it as the "The Be-all, End-all Party Guide, from Barefoot to Black Tie", and at over 250 pages and 100 recipes it delivers on its promise. Tons of fun, creative and innovative ideas abound from charcoal vs. gas grilling, smoking, skewering, stir-grilling, cocktail suggestions, music selections, and table settings. Chapters are divided into appetizers, entrées, sides and salads, and desserts. You'll be able to have fun grilling and still have time to enjoy your guests if you follow the recipes and suggestions in this book!

The Blob - Criterion Collection The Vegetarian Grill
by Andrea Chesman

Nominated for a James Beard Foundation Book Award and winner of a National Barbecue Association Award of Excellence, this book is not just for vegetarians but anyone who wants to grill up some veggies and spice up side dishes with leafy green variety. Lessons on using a vegetable grill rack and a grill-wok are informative and essential to bringing out the best flavor in your vegetables. In the over 200 recipes included, you'll learn how to grill up veggie quesadillas, falafel, and garlic, tomatoes, and sweet peppers to add to a grilled pasta. There are even recipes for grilled deserts like grilled pears with chocolate sauce! Yum!

Videodrome - Criterion Collection The Barbecue! Bible
by Steven Raichlen

Winner of the Julia Child Cookbook Award, Steven Raichlen's The Barbecue! Bible has been the go-to source for outdoor cooking novices and experts alike for the past 15 years. Got questions on what wood to use, how long should you marinate meat, indirect or direct heat grilling methods, and what temperature should certain foods be cooked? You'll find all of those answers and more in this book! More than 500 recipes are collected, from essentials like burgers, chicken, and ribs, to spice rubs and sauce preparation, and all manner of side dishes and desserts that can be prepared on an open flame. Tons of how-to's and lots of pictures to help illustrate techniques as well. Get Grillin'!

Slacker - Criterion Collection Grilling Vegan Style
by John E. Schlimm

So what do you do when you have friends or family coming over to your party and they won't be able to eat a burger because they are vegan? You get this book! Lots of simple and delicious recipes using fresh homemade ingredients and seasonings to please the palette of any vegan diet, like homemade vegan burgers, bbq tofu, tempeh satay, and veggie kebabs. Some of the dishes have fun names too like Seventh Inning Stretch "Tacos", Tattooed Watermelon Salad, King Wasabi Marinade, and Party on South Peach Salsa. So slide that meat to the side and give some vegan cooking a try!

Rushmore - Criterion Collection Classic Summer Cocktails
by Mr. Boston, edited by Anthony Giglio & Jim Meehan

I'm not quite sure who Mr. Boston is (maybe a relative to Mr. Peanut?), but he knows some great recipes for mixing up a cool, tasty drink on a hot summer day! The summer "classics" are indeed all here: Mojitos, Mint Juleps, Mai-Tai's, Margaritas, and Shandys (beer + lemonade). There are also recipes for some lesser-known drinks with names like the Velvet Rosa (champagne, rum, peach schnapps and cranberry juice!), Tropical White Sangria, and Brazilian Raspberry Rickey. With more than 100 drink recipes, both alcoholic and non-alcholic, there's definitely drinks for everyone's taste! Don't forget to stock up on lots of ice!

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