New Kids' Book about Reproduction

By Joel N. RSS Mon, August 12, 2013

Is your child expecting a baby sister or baby brother at any minute? Are you wondering how to bring up the topic with a preschooler, or is your first or second grader wondering how babies are made?

A new picture book by Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth called What Makes a Baby is the perfect read. Its bright, vivid colors and clear drawings do not attempt for scientific verisimilitude; instead, concepts like the sperm, egg, and fertilization are told in crisp, age-appropriate detail with a great metaphor that makes it make sense.

For those of us used to books on human reproduction full of anatomical line drawings, cheesy euphemisms and characters and situations who don't resemble our families, this new book is a breath of fresh air. Check it out today!

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