Philly Plays Scrabble®

By Emily Fri, September 29, 2006
Veteran Scrabble Players*
Veteran Scrabble Players*
New Scrabble Player*
New Scrabble Player*

Think you’re so smart? Well prove it. This October, the Free Library will partner with Verizon and After School Activities Partnerships to bring you Philly Plays Scrabble® , a month-long word war that will challenge the experienced, teach the newbies, and show off the city's considerable brain power. Philadelphia is a Scrabble®-lover's city and branches will cater to that with designated Scrabble® hours. Competitive players can advance to the tournament round in November--held at the Regional libraries--and the winners will duke it out at the Central Library's grand finale game. Contact your local libraries for playing hours and stay tuned for more information!

*Photos by Kelly & Massa

Reader Comments:

Jeff from Olney wrote: This has been a wonderful idea! To see tables of patrons intent on yet another word; looking to make use of one more "triple word score;" competitively, yet oh so politely, looking in the Scrabble dictionary for that very unusual spelling resonates so well with what the Free Library is all about: knowledge, community, and a forum for the exchange of ideas. To see the number of young people participating really shatters the stereotype of Scrabble being an old folks' game.

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