November Highlights from New Albums

By Perry G. RSS Fri, November 15, 2013

The Free Library’s latest Highlights mix is up on Spotify! If you haven’t given these a listen yet, Highlights are special playlists of, well, highlights, culled from our newest music purchase. Music librarians mix these just for you before the physical albums come to the library for you to check out. 

For this month, we’ve shared some of the songs teens recommended to us during our Teen Music Critics' Roudtable program, as well as tracks patrons have gotten us hooked on by asking about them at the Reference Desk.

This month's playlist features tracks from Janelle Monae, Talib Kweli, King Krule, and more. And it spans the genre spectrum from bluegrass instrumentals to heavy metal. Because in a city as diverse as Philadelphia, librarians of course attempt to meet the people’s interests - we strive to represent everyone.  And that means we select all types of music. But we're always open to input. So, is there anything - any song, any artist, any instrument - you’d like to see more of?  Feel free to comment, or to create your own Highlights to share with us.

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