Word on the Web May 2014

By Peter SM RSS Tue, June 3, 2014

Let's get the "Word on the Web" and check out some recent topics of interest and discussion from the tech, literary, library, and arts and entertainment sections of the World Wide Web in May 2014.

  • To start off, sadly we lost one of the literary greats last month: poet, activist, and library advocate Maya Angelou. Her contributions to humanity can not be understated and she will be dearly missed. Luckily we have her words and actions to help inspire us and strive to make our world a better place.
  • Wired took us behind the code of one of Google's most puzzling Doodles yet: a 3-D interactive Rubik's Cube using CSS 3-D Transforms. Super cool!
  • Like contributing to cool Kickstarter projects? How about one that involves literature and gaming?! I give you Beowulf: A Board Game!
  • Get a sneak peek at the fiction and nonfiction finalists for this year's Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence. Winners will be announced on Saturday, June 28!
  • If you think you've mastered Google Drive or are still a novice to the online document managing and sharing software, these Tips and Tricks from Mashable will have you increasing your productivity and creativity!
  • Godzilla roared and stomped back into theaters in May! Take a look back at 60 years of the big green guy in this ginormous infographic.
  • Mike Judge's new satirical skewering of the tech startup world, Silicon Valley, wrapped up it's first season on HBO this past Sunday. The Onion's A.V. Club has been following along all season with some great rundowns and reviews. Look for a future blog post on the season one dvds once we acquire them, but until then you can check out this equally ambitious if not dated made-for-TV-movie centered around the rise of Apple and Microsoft and their creators Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Pirates of Silicon Valley.

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