Beyond Percy Jackson: Great Graphic Novels

By Chris B. RSS Wed, August 20, 2014

Ms. Sarah is on a well-earned vacation, so I'll be posting this week's book reviews.  Today, we're looking at the Free Library's graphic novel section:  

The gods are hot!  With Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, the Kane Siblings, and Matthew Thorsen leading the charge, the Greek gods, Roman gods, Egyptian gods, and Norse gods are all popular reading material!  So until the next book in one of these series comes out, what do you read?  Why not stop by your local branch’s graphic novel section to brush up on your mythological knowledge.  While you’re there, you’ll find graphic novel versions of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Kane Chronicles – but there’s a lot more to see!  Here are two choices you’ll want to examine.  Are there more?  Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

If you’re looking to brush up on your Greek Mythology and you enjoy laughing, check out Amazing Greek Myths of Wonder and Blunders.   The book includes ten Greek myths retold in graphic novel format.  Colorful, zany illustrations accompany a laugh-out-loud text, telling the stories of King Midas, Arachne, Icarus and more. This series so humorous that anyone will appreciate it, although ages 9+ will find it especially funny. Make sure you examine the backgrounds of each illustrated panel – there’s a lot going on in each story.  Check out a copy today! 

The more serious reader might enjoy George O’Connor’s The Olympians series.  Beginning with Zeus, this ongoing series examines the lives and histories of the Greek gods.  The color scheme of each books varies depending on the god being discussed – Poseidon’s book is illustrated in cool blues and greens.  Hades’ book is dark and mysterious with heavy black and purple tones.  Aphrodite’s tale is bright and inviting.  After each story, the author provides additional information about the history of ancient Greece, the gods, and the people involved in the stories.  A bibliography lists other great reads that young minds might enjoy.  This is a great series for all readers, but older children and ‘tweens will enjoy it most.  Check out a copy today!

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