Top 10 ebooks OverDrive Digital Library November 2014

By Peter SM RSS Thu, December 18, 2014

Here are the Top 10 ebooks downloaded from the Free Library's OverDrive Digital Library in November 2014.

More than 60,000 ebooks were checked out and downloaded for the month!

It was a month full of familiar faces (and characters!) and best-selling authors in the often-read and downloaded Mystery and Suspense Thrillers genre, with heavyweights such as John Grisham, James Patterson, Michael Connelly, Patricia Cornwell, David Baldacci, and Janet Evanovich making our list this month. The Romance genre with was also well represented by amorous authors like Mary Balogh and Nancy Thayer.

The following list comprises titles from across all genres, downloaded from both our website and mobile site.

1. The Burning Room by Michael Connelly The Burning Room (fiction, suspense thriller)
by Michael Connelly

The 19th installment in the Harry Bosch Series comes off like the police procedural novel version of the buddy cop trope "I'm getting to old for this shit". Grisled, veteran detective Bosch is paired up with the young hotshot on the force, detective Soto. The two are tasked with solving a murder that turns out to be highly charged and politically sensitive. L.A.'s gritty underbelly contributes as well to this suspense-filled story.

2. Gray Mountain by John Grisham Gray Mountain (fiction, suspense)
by John Grisham

If it's a John Grisham novel, you can expect a suspenseful legal drama to unfold between the pages. Gray Mountain does just that and ties in nicely to current global warming and environmental issues with it's Big Coal and fracking backdrop. After she is downsized from a a huge Wall Street law firm, Samantha Kofer moves from NYC to a sleepy little burg in Virginia to work at a legal aid clinic. Her new job takes Samantha into a dangerous world of big business corruption, as she fights to give a voice to and legally protect the residents of her new home.

3. Flesh and Blood by Patricia Cornwell Flesh and Blood (fiction, mystery & suspense)
by Patricia Cornwell

In this 22nd Scarpetta novel, the doctor finds herself in the unsettling pursuit of a serial sniper who leaves no incriminating evidence except fragments of copper. There seem to be no patterns or links to the victims or the sniper's motives. Her investigation leads her all the way down the Eastern seaboard to a wrecked ship and a shocking suspect. You'll be on the edge of your seat with anticipation until the very last page!

4. The Escape by David Baldacci The Escape (fiction, thriller)
by David Baldacci

U.S. Army special agent John Puller is back for his 3rd and most dangerous mission yet in David Baldacci's The Escape. A prisoner has escaped one of the most secure military prisons in the world and Puller is called in to track the fugitive—his own brother. Once on the case, questions quickly arise about the validity of his brother's conviction. But if his brother is innocent, who framed him and why? Pick up this pulse-pounding, action-adventure tale and find out!

5. Hope to Die by James Patterson Hope to Die (fiction, thriller)
by James Patterson

Best-selling author and frequent monthly Top 10-maker James Patterson pens another thrill-packed adventure in the Alex Cross series. The detective is being stalked by a psychotic genius and his family is in the cross-hairs. Cross will have to use all his courage and cunning to survive, but what will he sacrifice to save the ones he loves?

6. In Their Footsteps by Tess Gerritsen In Their Footsteps (fiction, romance & suspense)
by Tess Gerritsen

A novel full of death and betrayal is at the forefront in Tess Gerritsen's In Their Footsteps. Beryl Tavistock always thought something wasn't right surrounding the circumstances of her parents' death, and now the past has come back to haunt her. She is quickly pulled into a world of espionage when she teams up with CIA agent Richard Wolf to find out the truth. Can Richard be trusted and if so, could love also be in the cards?

7. Only Enchanting by Mary Balogh Only Enchanting (historical fiction, romance)
by Mary Balogh

Book 4 in the Survivor's Club series is a tale of ribaldry so risque that it could only consist of characters with names like Flavian. The book's backdrop is set during the Napoleonic Wars and the loves lost during war time. Agnes Keeping has never been in love but when she meets the charismatic Flavian, she falls foolishly for him. There are secrets lurking behind the Count's bedroom eyes. Will true love abide or will it tear them apart?

8. Blue Labyrinth by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child Blue Labyrinth (fiction, thriller)
by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

A long-buried family secret has come back to haunt Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast in the 14th book of this continuing series. Murder and mayhem propel our protagonist on a journey that takes him through a trail of clues leading to California and a showdown with his most feared enemy. Will Pendergast be able to find his way out of this real world labyrinth before time runs out?

9. The Shell Game by Janet Evanovich The Shell Game (fiction, romance & suspense)
by Janet Evanovich

Find out how FBI Special Agent Kate O’Hare and con artist Nicolas Fox first met in this exclusive ebook original short story. The Shell Game is the prequel to Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg's O'Hare and Fox suspense series, which continues with the recently released novel The Job.

10. An Island Christmas by Nancy Thayer An Island Christmas (fiction, romance)
by Nancy Thayer

Just in time for some holiday reading is Nancy Thayer's winter wonderland of weddings gone wrong and right, An Island Christmas. As Christmas draws near, Felicia returns to her family’s home to marry her adventurous, rugged boyfriend, Archie. Her matchmaking and meddling mother has other ideas though. Madcap and merry at the same time, this novel will warm your heart this holiday season.

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