Throw It Out The Window(s)? Microsoft's new OS: Windows 10

By Peter SM Wed, July 29, 2015

So, today's the day: Microsoft has released their newest operating system, Windows 10. After the debacle that was Windows 8, I guess anything would be better at this point. What exactly are some of the "improvements" in Windows 10?

  • It's free (for a limited time only, if you upgrade within the next year).
  • The Start Menu is back and it's on steroids.
  • You can run multiple desktops and tab between tasks (power users rejoice!)
  • New Mail, Calendar, Photos, and Maps apps.
  • Cortana, a digital voice-enabled personal assistant similar to Google Now or Apple's Siri.
  • Microsoft's new web browser, Edge. Again, anything has to be better than Internet Explorer in the 21st century!  Reviews have said it runs faster and uses less memory than Chrome and Firefox. I would give it a try, but alas, you have to download Windows 10 first : /

So, what does Windows 10 mean for Free Library? Well nothing immediately. Luckily, we were wise enough not to upgrade any of the computers in our branches to Windows 8, so all of our computers are still using a stable and tested operating system. As for Windows 10, the safe bet is to usually wait until the first Service Pack has been released for any new operating system or software, as most of the earliest bugs in a program will have been worked out and fixed. At that point, I'm sure our IT team will then discuss the pros and cons of upgrades throughout our computer network.

At the end of another fast-paced, techno-haze day, it's Microsoft's world and 90% of all computer users just live in it.

In the meantime, if you have any computer questions or want to learn a new computer skill, the Free Library offers many classes throughout all of our neighborhood libraries. We're always here to help!

Windows 10 preview
Windows 10 preview
The infamous Blue Screen of Death...
The infamous Blue Screen of Death...

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