Bulk Up on Back to School Resources

By Jamie W. RSS Fri, September 4, 2015

At the dawn of every school year, all the librarians put on their letterman jackets, sew days of the week labels into our socks, and start thinking really hard about we can help you—students of every age—succeed in the coming year. From after-school study clubs in our branches through our LEAP program to great reading recommendations on our blog, we never stop thinking of new ways to support your learning and love of reading. 

One important way we do this is through the electronic resources we make available to you through our website. You'll find databases and study resources on our database page and at our Digital Learning Portal. All you need is your Free Library card number and PIN to log in. While we think all of our resources are great, there are a few that stand out:

Homework Help Online
Connect live and one-on-one with a tutor via web chat. Upload your writing assignments to get feedback within 24 hours. And take advantage of a slew of additional study aides. Live tutoring is available everyday from 2:00 through 11:00 p.m. Study resources and support materials are available 24/7. Check out our video tutorial or just head over to our Digital Learning Portal to get started. 

Learning Express Library
Practice materials galore! If you need a little extra help with math, language arts, social studies, or science, Learning Express Library is your best bet on the web, Check out our video tutorial for more or go to our Digital Learning Portal for immediate access. 

Student Resources In Context
Everything you need to write your best research paper. Search and download results from encyclopedias, magazines, journals, newspapers, and more on every topic. This video shows you how. You'll find a link to Student Resources in Context on our database page

Opposing Viewpoints in Context
If you're writing a research paper, Opposing Viewpoints is your best friend. Find unbiased, trustworthy information on a wide variety of controversial topics—exactly the kind of topics high school students are frequently assigned to research—such as immigration, climate change, online privacy, animal rights, capital punishment, and more. This video will help you find your way around the site. Connect to Opposing Viewpoints at our database page

Of course, try as we do, we can't promise our online resources will answer all your questions. So send us an email or drop by one of our 61 locations in Philadelphia for help. Good luck in the coming school year!

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